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Gladstone Brookes

(5 reviews)

Please Note - The following information regarding Gladstone Brookes can be time sensitive. Please ensure you have read Compare Claim Companies T&C's. When you contact Gladstone Brookes, you must confirm the actual current details with them directly:

Gladstone Brookes Address:

47 Museum Street, Warrington, Cheshire, WA1 1LD

Are Gladstone Brookes regulated?

Yes, their Claims Management Regulator number is CRM7004

How do Gladstone Brookes charge and make their money?

Their final fee is 25% (+VAT). They do not charge any upfront fees and also work on a no win no fee basis

Do Gladstone Brookes provide a free phone number?

Yes, they have 0800 numbers on both their TV adverts and website

What hours are Gladstone Brookes open for making a claim?

08:30-19:00 Monday to Thursday

08:30-17:00 Friday

09:00-13:00 Saturday

Closed on Sunday

About Gladstone Brookes

Gladstone Brookes were established in 2007 and are a leading, ppi claims company. They deal with ppi claims on loans, mortgages and credit cards.

The method of making a claim through Gladstone Brookes is to contact their call centre in Warrington or submitting a contact us form on their website.

When speaking to Gladstone Brookes, their call centre will then take you through a questionnaire before deciding whether you actually have a ppi claim. If Gladstone Brookes do decide you have a good case for a ppi claim, they will send legal documents out in the post for your signature and return. They also take a card number to confirm your commitment and claim to destroy this when receiving back your legal documents. A fourteen day cooling off period is applied before being fully committed to making the ppi claim.

Gladstone Brookes are based in Warrington. However, they are more than happy to deal with any ppi claims from around the UK.

When contacting Gladstone Brooks, you are not expected to pay for any initial consultation and Gladstone Brookes will work on a no win no fee basis when taking your claim on. If you lose your claim, there is nothing to pay and if you win a financial settlement, Gladstone Brookes receive 25% as a commission.

Gladstone Brookes claim to have successfully won back £100m between January and October 2011 with a suggestion that an average claim takes only 8-12 weeks.

Do Gladstone Brookes advertise on Television?

Yes, they do. There is a particular focus on the criteria for making a claim; the amount you could win and making sure you contact them before time runs out

Do Gladstone Brookes have website information and support available?

Yes, their main website is bright, colourful and has lots of information that helps with you understanding what PPI is and whether you could have a claim. They are particularly transparent with the charging structure.

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Reviews (5)

Contacted Gladstone Brooks received a phone call from them asking for details the person I was talking to had a poor understand of English. I had to spell out every letter and he still got it wrong. Don't expect to hear from them he got my address wrong there was to much background noise from other callers. Very unprofessional conduct.
Not at all impressed with this company, it has been impossible to log into their client portal , they keep sending endless letters asking for more information but after they have been informed , yet more letters requesting further information , not worth the hassle.
I contacted GB possibly last September, i'm so not impressed, I just keep receiving endless paperwork which I complete and send back, to then be told they are awaiting authority forms, which I complete and still nothing happens, I know I have paid PPI so this is really frustrating, telephoned again today to again be told we are awaiting authority forms and will send out again ........ frustrating !!!
They got all my personal details wrong after the initial contact , told them not to bother as did not inspire any confidence whatsoever ...still looking for a decent ppi claim company
Sorted out my claim better than I would have done. Had to pay a fee for them but got peace of mind that they know what they are doing. Going to do my neighbours now!!!
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